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Repost with a few minimal changes.

Moving Sale! So, you know, cheap (and free) stuff.
I need this stuff GONE.  Come and get it!  You NEED this stuff!

I can be reached on my cell at (850) 228-4085 Monday-Saturday 5pm-9pm.  Or by responding to this el jay post.

  One of those over the toilet shelf things, FREE!  Nothing's wrong with it; I merely got it for free, so I don't feel right charging for it. 
  Random manga and yaoi (must be 16+), all $3 each or Best Offer.

I don't have a picture, but I also have the following:

Washing Machine and Dryer, BOTH only $50.  You haul it, as I do not have a dolly or truck.
Outdoor carpets that look wonderful on the porch (perfect for apartment dweller's balcony), FREE!
Random VHS, FREE
Free wallscroll.  Saiyuki anyone? 

  Television, 18 inches, $20 or Best Offer.

  Tv Stand, about three feet tall, $15 or Best Offer.       Three drawer shelf, about 20 inches tall, very sturdy, $15 or Best Offer.    18 inch Dell computer monitor, comes with a free puppy sticker in the top right hand corner, $20 or Best Offer.    Computer/Office Chair, has wheels, $5 or Best Offer.    Butt Shelf/Chair, also $5 or Best Offer.    Tv, it works like a tv, $20 or Best Offer.    HUGE twin bed frame, comes with three dresser drawers underneath and head board, $50 or Best Offer.    Picture of the pretty drawers under the bed.    DVD and VHS combo, $25 or Best Offer.    roughly six foot tall wicker shelf with cabnets,  has served me for years, I'll miss it, $40 or Best Offer.  
Whatever I don't sell at the end of the month is going to Goodwill, where you know that they'll charge a great deal more money.  So come and get it NOW, while the getting's good.
Call soon!

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