Head Shop and Smoke Shop Opinions?

Looking for opinions and recommendations of good head shops in the area. 

I know there are a load of them, but I want to find one where the glass work isn't cheaply made and easily breakable.

I believe this has to do with the amount of pyrex in the pieces? Also looking for that solution to clean out the pieces with.

Anyway, just quality, friendly, unique head shops! 

Thanks :)
buster keaton

Good Cat Veterinarians in Tallahassee

Does anyone have some good or bad things to say about veterinarians in this area? 

I need to take my cat to the vet and I am new to the area. 

My last vet was relatively cheaper than most and also incredibly friendly, so I hope to find something similar here! 

I would really appreciate a nudge in the right direction. Thanks for reading!

UPDATE: I ended up going to Animal Aid Foundations because they are a low-cost clinic so their prices were a quarter of what other vets were. They were very friendly and Echo had a serious problem that needed surgery right away so I was referred to Northwood Animal Hospital. They are a little pricier but they were very friendly and the vet himself called me twice a day at least to update me on Echo's condition. Unfortunately, Echo passed yesterday. She was recovering well from surgery and was eating and purring, then in a matter of hours she took a turn for the worse and her heart stopped. The vet says it is very possible it was a blood clot which could not have been predicted. I miss her very much. Thank you again to everyone who helped me choose a vet. I would still highly recommend both of these vets. 

Oh, and here are some Instagram-y photos of my cat :)Collapse )



I have a very old and possibly very valuable book I am looking to sell. I know that the paperback rack will buy it, but I want to get something of what it's worth.

Anyone have experience with pawn shops or any of the estate buyer places in the mall and know where my best bet is?
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Thank you all for your suggestions on dog-friendly restaurants.

Now I'm looking for somewhere to practice yoga.

- My companion and I are beginners.
- We prefer evening class times.
- Bonus points if the classes tend to be markedly co-ed.

Any recommendations?


Baby items
movies dvd & vhs
serving items great for thanksgiving
waffle maker
random household items
classic pooh crib set
vintage table

ask about stuffing a bag of clothes specials!

2628 vassar rd

For sale.

My mother is going on a trip and needs to sell the listed items.

Kenmore Heavy Duty Dryer
Magic Chef 20 pound capacity dryer $175 for the set

A nice, really comfy loveseat with a pretty floral pattern on it $100

And I am selling a basic infant/toddler mattress (crib/toddler bed sized) for $15

AND a pretty light colored Queen size headboard for $25

We live on the East side of town near Killearn

Reply if you're interested.  

Kiddo stuff

I wanted some idea of the kid stuff that goes on in Tallahassee. I've been out of the scene for a while. I used to take my son to the Library for story time but now I don't even remember when that was. Help?

He's just over 2 and a half.

Thanks so much.

Playgroups, story times, puppet shows, anything.


Nice place.

Ok. I need help.

I have a very important date with my boyfriend after not seeing him for a few weeks and I want it to be someplace nice, quiet, romantic, and where we can dress up.

Expensiveish is fine, I need good references and an approximate price range.